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Chueffa Records: Bio

F. L. Wallace - ceo/Chueffa Records

Chueffa Records, pronounced "chew-fa, (you know sound like blue, chue-ffa") has been trying to make it in the business since 1999, starting with our first recording of  The Frank Ace Blues Band's, "Get On Line, Baby". followed by "Cry u out of my heart", and "Live in England with The Blues Crusaders".  All are available everywhere, just order them from your local record store, or CDbaby com. We have re-released Frank's first CD, "It's About Time", with a couple of bonus tracks. Frank's first record was a little 45 recorded in 1963 on the Hydra label, "Kirk" pronunced (Cook) and "Lady Margaret" by The Frank Ace Combo. Ace told me that James Brown used his song "Kirk" to start Brown's Hit "Bring it up"! Check it out! 

So, there's alot going on here at Chueffa Records. Did you know that Albert Battle of Frank's first band "The Continentals", was the voice of "Bud Spudd and The Sprouts" You know, "Mash Potatoes, yeah"? Check out Albert, or as Frank calls him "Junior" in Photos,  Go to Links! 

Photos of Frank Ace were taken at Scorpion Gulch at South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, by photographer Paris Troy. The Greatest! 

We are really happy to be with CD "You should try it". Thanks for the support!  If you have a blues radio show and want to add Chueffa Records artist to your playlist, just contact us!

Yours truly,

F. L.  Wallace

P. S. Hey B&R "keep on keeping the blues alive"......:-)

Sammie "Six" Gilkey - Entertainer/Singer

Sammy was born W. Sam Gilkey in 1939 in Macon, Mississippi. The third born in family of eight children, he is the son of a hard-working Methodist minister, Reverend Wyatt Gilkey. When Sammy was less than a year old, the family moved to Saint Louis, Missouri, and as a young man Sam and his sisters sang in his father's church. When Sammy was thirteen, the family moved to Detroit. It was there that he met thirteen year old Joe Stubbs, the brother of Levi Stubbs of The Aims, later The Four Tops. Sammy and Joe, along with Calvin and Melvin, formed a quartet of their own. After Levi moved toThe Four Tops, he let Joe use the name "The Aims".
Sammy's father once again moved the family to his new church back in Saint Louis, Missouri. Sammy and his sisters performed in the church choir. Reverend Wyatt was then called upon to pastor a new church in Vandalia, Missouri. In Vandalia, Sammy met Charlie Overton, later of "Brain Storm". Charlie and Sammy performed with a local group for awhile. It was Sammy's energized performances and the audiences approval that propelled him to join "The Crossfires". That band consisted of Berney Hogan on guitar, Ed Hall on sax, Arch Kohl on keyboard, Rick West on drums, Bill "Pick" Gamblain on bass, George Cline on rhythm guitar and Sammy on vocals. After Ed Hall went into the Army, the group changed it's name to "Dr Jekyl and the Hydes"! The second generation of The Crossfires were Mike Shoemaker, Stan Erdel, Jeff Wright, Mike Hayden, and Arch Kohl.

It was during this time in Sammy's life that Reverend Wyatt moved the family back to Saint Louis. Sammy, then 20 years old, decided to remain in Vandalia. Sammy's sister's and a cousin would join him on stage as "The Soul Sisters" background singers. Each one of "The Soul Sisters" was capable enough to be a lead singer on her own. Their voices honed in the church, their harmony sharp and precise. Along with that magnificent group of talented musicians called "The Crossfires", they wowed audiences with their firey, energized interpretations of the current hits of the day. see pic's

In the eighties Sammy was with the "The Sounds Of Times", which consisted of Don Campbell on lead guitar, Larry Brothers on rhythm guitar, Chester Fuget on bass, Donna Noland on keyboard, Rick Brothers on drums (who later played with country singer Gretchen Wilson), and Sammy Six on vocals.

In the ninety's he resumed playing with The Crossfires. They had a second "Crossfires" reunion gig in 2002 at the Vandalia fair. The crowds turned out in droves. The group is still quite close to this day.

His sister, Carolyn, moved to Phoenix and is now an ordained minister. In 2005, during a visit with his sister, Sammy met Frank Ace, who was also living in Phoenix at the time. They became instant friends. Frank, who had just completed recording his third CD, "Cry u out of my heart" agreed to record a demo CD for Sammy and introduce him to Chueffa Records.

November 4th 2008, Sammy "Six" Gilkey passed away. It is Sam's last wish that in lieu of flowers a memorial donation in his name to:
American Cancer Society
PO Box 22718
Oklahoma City, OK 73123-1718
To donate to the American Cancer Society by phone, call 1-800-227-2345

Go To Music to hear "To The Rescue" by Sammy "Six"!

Frank Ace -

Frank Ace: go to links..