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FRANK ACE: A Egg & A Biscuit

Chueffa CR-60011-2 (44:27)

Stop Dreaming/ Be Your Man/ A Egg & A Biscuit/ One Of These Days/ Too Much Like Right/ Old Man Shuffle/ Whatcha Gonna Do/ Working 2 Jobs/ Step On A Crack/ On BBs Wall/ SDW Blues.


“This is a fine and unpretentious album of modern blues..., with the sound of soul or jazz never too far away, and with lyrics that do seem to be largely autobiographical. The overall impression this set leaves is that Frank is more interested in making a personal statement rather than retreading someone else’s ideas – and ‘On BBs Wall’ gives some idea of his blues aspirations.

This is a relaxed set for the most part, quiet and thoughtful, though the reggae-inflected title track, with Danny Miller’s violin and Frank’s own Little Milton styled guitar playing behind his fine vocal and lyrics outlining that he has to work in the cotton field after gambling away his pension, contrasts well with the smooth, soul styled ‘Be Your Man’. Many of Frank’s concerns on this album seem to centre around growing older – there is ‘Old Man Shuffle’ of course, and ‘Step On A Crack’ references superstitions and finds things coming full circle, whilst ‘Too Much Like Right’ is a timely call to slow down, and ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’, in a ‘70s Bobby Bland or B.B. King style, is a very reflective composition. However, Frank can also close out the set with a straightforward blues shuffle workout, just to show he can have a good time too…

“Frank certainly deserves the support of those whose tastes tend towards the real blues – and they are the people who will certainly enjoy this classy album.”

Norman Darwen, Blues & Rhythm Magazine


     BB's Lawnside  Bar B Q,

We would like to thank Mr Lindsay Shannon for the use of his beautiful mural that's painted on the wall of BB's Lawnside Bar-B-Q in Kansas City, MO.  You must see the complete mural, and see if you can name all the blues artists there....


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