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Chueffa Records: Music

Gas Pump Blues

(Frank Ace)
F. L. Wallace

Gas had just went up to $2.15 a gallon, one of the local TV news men wanted to do a special on what effect the cost of gas had on Musicians.  He called "Char's Has The Blues" and made an appointment with the owner about filming the piece, in Char's.  The owner, at that time, I think it was Abb, called me and asked me if I could write a song about it.  I said sure!  I was already working on a song "Baby you giving me the Blues" so I just changed the words to you're giving me "The Gas Pump Blues".   So I went over to Char's that afternoon and performed the song.  They put it on the news that evening, everyone called in and wanted to know where they could buy it.  My nephew JR Harris called and said hey "Unc lets record it, tonight".  I called my cousin Emmith and his wife Yolonda my wife Susan and we did the recording that night.  The words were real easy "the gas is to high".  They did a fantastic job!  It's still a fun song to do!