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QUESTIONS & ANSWERS - May 20, 2015

IN THIS SECTION YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS, and I will do my best to answer them. USE the GUESTBOOK SECTION to ask your QUESTIONS:

 Such as Q: did Frank Ace ever live in Los Angeles, if so, what was the name of his band or bands? ************ A: Yes, Frank lived in L.A. during the 60’s, left in 1970. The name of the bands… ”The Beautiful People,” and his favorite “ The Hollywood Factors” they did a USO tour with “The Lockhart Twins” (Maye and Faye). There was the Frank Ace Trio with Oddie Jones on drums, James Gates on bass guitar, and Frank Ace on guitar. They played behind "The Bean Brothers"!!! 

Q:  What ever happen to Jerry Picnic?************ A: I wish I knew!!! Jerry “Picnic”, was, my closest friend, I was told he passed away!

Well that's how it works…See you next time,


New CD **A Egg & A Biscuit ** - February 1, 2011

Frank Ace's new CD is available and for sale at CD!! 

                                  A Egg & A Biscuit 

now, You are able to listen to all of the tracks  

right here on Chueffa Records. 

BIG NEWS --- BIG NEWS - January 10, 2011

Now you can buy Frank Ace CD's at your local record store. All you have to do is... JUST ASK FOR IT!!!

They can get it at Super D one-stop any where in the world!

Guestbook entries - November 25, 2009

Hello, I proof read every Guestbook entry! So if some of your entries don't get thru, Sorry!

Sammy Six CD on sale now! - August 10, 2009

Now you can buy Sammy's new CD "To The Rescue" @ Click here....!!!!

Here we are... - July 22, 2009

2009 is half over and here we are in the exact same spot we were last year at this time! Trying to get started again!!! I guess it's time to get on my knees and ask for help. The older I get, the harder It gets to move forward. Sounds like a song huh. Let me see...."the older I get the harder it gets to move forward repeat (1X), it might be a little easier, if I could just stop lookin back......wards..."

Memorial Services For Sammy Six - November 7, 2008

Services were held... Saturday November 8, 2008 at 1:00 PM at Faith Tabernacle, 907 West Home
(at Home & Central) in Vandalia, Missouri. It was a celebration of Sammy "Six" Gilkey's life.

We ask that you pray for the family, and show your love in their time of lost.
Thank You,
F. L. Wallace
Chueffa Records

Our Prayers for Sammy's Family - November 5, 2008

"Early Tuesday morning November 4th, 2008 Sammy "Six" Gilkey lost his battle with cancer! I haven't been able to stop crying. I have been on an emotional roller coaster ride with Sammy going, and Obama being elected. Sammy was my good friend, and I loved him dearly. He was a good and caring man. He was an exceptional father who could not read himself, but made sure his children went to college. He will be greatly missed by me and my wife Susan. He was a great entertainer, and I wish the world could have known him. The CD we did on Sammy did not do him justice. He was very sick and on medication, most of the time we were recording. He wanted to leave something for his fans and his family, and I wanted him to have his wish. Sammy did not live to see Obama elected President of the United States of America, but he voted three weeks early for Obama. He was always ahead of the crowd. Go with God, Sammy Six. "We'll miss U bro" ! Love",... Frank Ace

Sammy Six in the hospital - October 13, 2008

Sammy was admitted to the
Colunbia Medical hospital last week. We dropped by, he was in good spirits. His sister Carolyn was with him.
We had a good visit and he was to be going home Sunday. We ask for your prayers, Sam is a good friend, with a good and gentle soul. I know you don't know him, but he is one in a million. His friendship has helped me deal with my own illness. So when you say your prayers, include my friend Sam just say "Lord I don't know Sam, but Frank said You do, so can you help him"?
I thank you!
frank ace

Frank Ace Video - April 24, 2008

Check out the Video right here on Chueffa Records!
Go to Links, scroll down to

MP3 download - March 12, 2008

Now you can get Frank Ace
album, "Cry u out of my heart", or "Get on line,baby"
or "It's About Time".
Buy the album of your choice as one zip download,
which includes the MP3, a JPG of the album art, and a
text file of song titles.
Now on CD
Just go to Store and click the link of your choice.

Well it's 2008 - January 27, 2008

I'm glad you're are still here
we lost a few friends in 2007. Some great musisians and good friends, they will be missed!
Chueffa Records is looking forward to releasing a CD on Sammie 6 (Gilkey) produced by Frank Ace. I wrote some of the songs, and Frank Ace did the music and we both did the back ground vocals. The one I like is " I Believe".
If you would like to hear a preview of Sammie's new CD
go to guestbook and leave us a message. Also Frank's new CD is almost finished, gonna be a good year!
Take care, and keep on groovin'....;-)
F L Wallace

Uncle Bo's In Topeka - September 16, 2007

Saturday night The Frank Ace Blues Band was in Topeka, Ks. At Uncle Bo's all I can say is it was a blues filled fun night. Uncle Bo's is a fabulous venue for the blues, I was very proud of Suki (the owner) and Topeka!!!!!
Lots of Frank's friends turned out.
Most of all his son Adrian, and Charles Alan Jones the Executive producer of Frank's CD "It's About Time" It was so great to see him again, and remake that connection. Also Larry Livgren another old friend of Franks, Larry played keyboards, I've got to do a CD on him! We were very impressed. I can't wait until they go back. I love Uncle Bo's...
Take care,
F.L. Wallace
pres. chueffa rec.

Video on You - September 14, 2007

Somebody recorded a video of Frank Ace and his new band, and it's a good video of the group. Go to and type frank ace blues band in the search box and you will be able to see the video. Let them know what you think.
I would like to know what you think also, that's why we have that video here. Go to Links and scroll down to Video.
Take care,
F.L. Wallace

In the studio with Sammie 6 - August 14, 2007

We have been working with Mr Sammie Gilkey, up St. Louis way, on a new project. I have written a few choice R&B songs that will get him off to a good start. They will be his songs not Frank's and so far they sound good. Sammie has a great voice, and an exciting stage personality. We are very happy to have Sammie 6 on board.
Stay tuned for more info, and check out the pic's.
F. L. Wallace

Calendars!!! - August 14, 2007

Starting now Chueffa's calendar wil be exclusively
about Chueffa Records busines!!! Frank Ace has his band calendar up and working. So we are very happy, because he's back to work! Any Concert Promoters contact Chueffa Rec. about special rates! For Frank Ace and other artist on our roster.
Thank you,
F. L. Wallace

Wallace & Ladmo - July 17, 2007

The Continentals were on "It's Wallace" Ladmo was there, but the billing came later. Frank was only about 17 or 18. The Continentals played a "Toga Party" with Bill (Wallace) and Ladmo.
Personally I always like his name "It's WALLACE"....:-)

f. l. Wallace

Back in the Studio - July 12, 2007

This time we are in the studio recording an old friend of Frank Ace' Mr Sammie Gilkey, around St Louis, MO. he's known as Sammie 6. I have so many original songs, Ace asked me to give him a few. the only problem is he wants the same songs Frank has just recorded for his new album "On The Prowl"!
I'm going to have to think about this. Frank said it's O K with him, I'm not to sure. We will have to see what the producer says.
Untill next time,
"Seeya wouldn't wanta be yaa"!
F. L. Wallace

Jefferson Blues Magazine - April 8, 2007

You need to read the interview of Frank Ace in- Jefferson the worlds Oldest bluesmagazine published by SCANDINAVIAN BLUES ASSOCATION- if you can.
Frank was their main article # 151 March 2007. The one with Chuck Berry on the cover. Check it out at. great pic's of Frank Ace, Travis Haddix, and Dave Herrero.
until next time.

F. L. Wallace

upgrade on - April 8, 2007

Hey everybody,
F.L. Wallace here.
There is a massive upgrading going on at, photos from the past courtesy of Mr. Bill Lentz.
Bill lived here in Phoenix, Bill and Frank Ace and Issac McEwen were in constant contact with each other. They were all part of The Frank Ace Big Band of 1968, in Tucson, AZ.
The pic's that Billy gave Frank will be showing up real soon on
Along with some pic's of Frank's, starting from the 60's, and up till today.
Once again Frank is asking any old members of any Frank Ace Band, Combo, Trio, or Duo, "get in touch with him". Even Frank's "The Beautiful People", or The Hollywood Factors. Frank wants to here from you.
Please leave a
email and I will forward him
the info.
So keep an eye on
Until next time.

F.L. Wallace / ceo
Chueffa Records LLC

1965 Pictures of The Frank Ace Combo - March 15, 2007

Well, it's about time Frank has sent us a picture of the 1963 thru 1965 band The Frank Ace Combo.
The members were: Thomas D. Price on bass guitar, William "Billy" Lentz on drums, Matthew Washington on sax, and Frank Ace on guitar. Check out those threads. That's the guitar BB King said he couldn't play, at the Key Club in Tucson, AZ. Frank bought another one after that. Thomas Price passed away in 1973, we lost Bill August 14th 2006. Frank and Bill had just found each other again after several years. "You will be missed Billy Beaver"! But you can still hear them on
"It's About Time" the re-release by Chueffa Records Llc.
Picture courtesy of Bill Lentz, and Frank Ace. Frank has said he's going to build a whole wing with Pic's from 1963 in Tucson, Arizona thru 1968, on
Can't wait until the construction is over.
F.L. Wallace

Frank Ace "Live in England" CD - March 15, 2007

We have just released the first live CD on Frank Ace. It is available on
Recorded on February 19th, at the Stamford Arts Centre. with The Blues Crusaders. You get to hear Frank live and we are sure you will like it. Great solo's by every member of the four piece Blues Crusaders, plus two horns that make it all just come together. Check it out on
F.L. Wallace

Tour (Scandinavian) Ends - November 20, 2006

Back to the U S A it's been great met some great people, played some good blues, now it's time to go home.
Seeya soon!


Tour Sweden - October 7, 2006

Frank Ace in Sweden and going to Denmark, and on to Norway. In Sweden met a great guy at Mcbeth in Eskistuna, Joseph the owner of Mcbeth, Culture Club........or Pub.. The food was just great, no I mean GREAT!!!! Next it's on to Hotel Statt in Katrineholm, Sweden. some more fine dining, Wow! Frank is currently touring with "Hooters Blues Band. Look for them, they're everywhere. Frank has been covering dates for Dave Herrero, but now Dave is back so Dave and Frank on the same stage for a short time only. Man Dave is a great guitarist, you need to hear this guy to see for yourself....go to My and look up Dave Herrero...well tonight is a first time Frank Ace and the Hooters Blues Band will be performing at MOJO's in København...Ha. It's gonna be a good night. It's getting to be quite a tour Monday the 23rd played Stampen in Stockholm, Tuesday the 24th King Arm Pub in Falun, and Wednesday the 25th The Brig, in Vastervik, Sweden. I gotta go, Hooter is calling....On the road again...... Seeya soon.

Get On Line, Baby - May 20, 2006

Get On Line, Baby is on sale at CD!
and your local record stores around the world.
They can get it at
Super D one-stop! Check it out!!!
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