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Chueffa Records: News

The Gas is too High - May 20, 2006

Did you know that gas has gone up to$3.19 cents per gallon in Phoenix, Arizona? "I aint talk'n bout supreme, I'm talking about low lead”.... Frank is going to let you continue to download "GAS PUMP BLUES", courtesy of Chueffa Records and Frank Ace. "Gas Pump Blues" is also on Frank's latest CD, "Cry u out of my heart". So go to download, and play it loud, "THE GAS IS TOO HIGH"....

Frank's Early Pictures - May 19, 2006

I've I've been trying to get Frank Ace to let us put some of his old pictures on the web site.The garage band, "The Continentals", With Victor Garcia on drums, and what was the piano players name????
Or The Frank Ace Combo in the 60's & 70's, and The Frank Ace Trio in the 70"s. With Oddie Jones on drums, and James Gates on bass, and Frank Ace on guitar.
There was such great musicians Like Bass player Thomas Douglas Price, and Drummer William (Billy) Lentz, who Verlon Musgrove (club owner) called "Billy Beaver".... I don't know why…...:-)Tenor Sax player Matthew (Bird) Washington, Frank Ace on guitar, they recorded KIRK and LADY MARGARET on the HYDRA label, a 45" single.
Whatever happened to Jerry Bruce Pickiney who was the greatest drummer in the world, and bass guitarist "Sweet Ike" Issac Mcquen from Eloy, Arizona....:-) Ha! Frank and Ike usta pick cotton together...:-) that's right Frank Ace is from Eloy Arizona on I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson Arizona. That's what he told me anyway...:-)
What about Dewey Parker bass player, and Farfisa playing Wade Layhe, Thaddeus Jackson, (the singer with the band) and William "Billy" Lentz on drums? The Frank Ace!
What about Albert Battle the voice of "Bud Spud & The Sprouts"? Frank, Albert, Jerry, George (Albert's cousin), and James Long was the second garage band of The Continentals....right out of high school. They were on The local TV show "IT'S WALLACE" later on "WALLACE & LADMO"! This had to have been in 196O or 1961.
This was right before he meet "Eddie & Ernie".
What about "The Beautiful People", and don't forget "The Hollywood Factors"....and "The 3rd Funk"....that's a whole nother story....huh, Clint..:-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any way, I'm gonna try and get Frank to give us some of those pic's for the web site. If you want to see them, drop us a line!
If you know someone with a pic of Frank Ace or his band member from those days, send it to me,
F. L. Wallace P.O. BOX 6147 Phoenix, AZ 85005-6147, after putting it on the website I'll return it!
Until next time.....
F.L. Wallace, CEO Chueffa Records LLC

Vernon's Gospel CD - March 29, 2006

Hello Blues fans,

Well, Frank Ace and I have been working on a Gospel CD for Mr. Vernon Garrett. I wrote "God In Your Heart", Frank Ace produced it and played guitar. I played a little rhythm guitar…the title is Vernon Garrett "New Begining" Look for it!

Look for Frank Ace's new CD "Cry u out of my heart" on sale at or you can purchase all three of Frank's CD's at or your local record store around the world. Just ask for it. They can get it at Super D one-stop
Thank you and God Bless,
F.L. Wallace

FRANK ACE IN ENGLAND - February 23, 2006

Frank played at the Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford, Lincolnshire UK, on Saturday, February 18.
Also Friday the 17th in Castor for the Shake Down.
for a very excited and happy-to-see-you-at-last crowd!
Frank's first time in England. "Hello England" !
LOOK FOR THE REVIEW IN BLUES & RHYTHM MAGAZINE. The Blues Crusaders did a Super job backing Frank. Jermy Watson the bandleader and guitarist was Super, Rick on drums was awesome, Bruno on bass was stupendous, Jamie on hammond organ was marvelous, Pete on alto sax was "too kool", Joe on trumpet was smokin', Frank was very happy with the "BLUES CRUSADERS".
Frank met DAVE THOMAS of the Dave Thomas Blues Band and received a copy of "Black Dog Boogie" Dave's
new CD. What a trip!

Real Blues Review - January 19, 2006

Get you a copy of Real Blues Magazine, out of Canada, and read the review of Frank Ace and his new CD "Cry u out of my heart"!!!
Nuff said!
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