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Chueffa Records: Photos

Frank Ace and his kids  (L to R) standing: Troy, Frank, Adrian, Christopher, and Karla (seated).  (3)missing.
L to R: Mickey Munoz, Frank Ace, Orlando (OZ), Rodney, Jan.2016
Frank Ace & Orlando Zuniga Duo, 1993-94
L- to R: Mickey, Frank, Orlando (OZ), Rodney, 01/2016
Ginger Ibanez, Frank Ace in background..
Frank's hat and Ginger, Ibanez Guitar.
Ginger Ibanez & Frank Ace
The FABB, Howard Collings, Greg Miller, Frank Ace, Rodney Cunningham, and Mr Bobby Smith.

Number 1 Fan

Chueffa Records namesake  "Chueffa" & Frank Ace
A young "Chueffa", Margie Ree Wallace @ 18 yrs old.
Willie and Lula Mae Cooksey,  "Chueffa's" parents!
F. L. Wallace with Jessica and Danny who worked on Frank Ace'  new Cd

CD Covers

Frank Ace "It's About Time"
Get On Line, Baby cd cover.  Design by: F. L. Wallace ...Left to Right Howard Collings, Greg Miller, Frank Ace, Rodney Cunningham, and Bobby Smith...
"Cry u out of my heart" Frank Ace
Frank Ace "Live In England" with The Blues Crusaders.
Frank Ace's new CD, Design & Painting by, Jonathan Sobol,
Sammy's CD Cover, released October, 2008 Design by Frank Ace & Sammy Six...

Sammie 6

Frank Ace and Sammy Six, "A Long Time Com'in"
Sammy "Six" Gilkey with his trusty mike. 2008
Frank, Sammie 6, and Buddy Jones @ Immanuel Campus of Care in Sun City, AZ 2006
Sammie 6,  2006
Sammie 6 & Buddy Jones in Sun City, 2006
Sammie 6 in Sun City, AZ 2006
Sammy "Six" with bass guitar at Chueffa Records. 2008
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