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Chueffa Records: Press/Reviews

A Egg & A Biscuit

                       Frank Ace 

                A Egg & A Biscuit 

                   Chueffa - CR 60011-2 

Ace's rhythm guitar work is robust and funk-infused." 

"his leads are pleasingly sparse and on-target."

"His protagonists aren't pimps or gangsters of love ( or, for thay matter, hoochie-coochie men or tail draggers): they're  simple-living folks with tender hearts, and their outlooks on life are tempered by hard-won wisdom."    "...there's something to be said for tasteful music that requires us to take the effortto meet it at least halfway.." "Listeners willing to do that will glean a lot of pleasure from this disc." 



David Whiteis/ A Egg & A Bisc - Living Blues magazine (Oct, 2011)