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Chueffa Records: Press/Reviews

Your new CD is cooking..

Living Blues Mag.

Frank Ace, It's About Time, (Raina R.4840-11) "Ace is a singer/guitarist in the B.B. King/Little Milton vein, and this self produced CD is a very polished, highly produced program of laid-back, late-night blues".

PRA - Living Blues Magazine

The Frank Ace Blues Band Get On Line, Baby Chueffa (no#) "Ace puts over a crisply played program of contemporary blues". "Based on the evidence here, it may be time for Frank Ace to step up from regional to national recognition".

Jim DeKoster - Living Blues Magazine

.."His leads are exploratory and tasteful, imbued with enough fire to stir the heart as well as the head." "His supple baritone is seasoned by a churchy graininess that lends substance to even the most trivial lyrics"...

Blues & Rhythm Mag

This is the (very) long awaited follow-up to guitarist/singer Frank Ace's 1999 Chueffa debut, "Get On Line, Baby."
"Cry u out of my heart" is another classy offering from a journeyman artist who really deserves a bigger rep than he has. I enjoyed it a lot; and if you have a liking for modern Blues stylings, I think you will, too."
Phil Wight - Blues & Rhythm Magazine - April, 2005

A Egg & A Biscuit

Cry U Out Of My Heart

Get On Line, Baby